Town council to educate flat occupants over chair left to dry on bamboo poles at Bukit Merah View

Submitted by Stomper Angelika

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Seeing an office chair perched precariously on bamboo poles at a Housing Board (HDB) flat's window is probably not the most reassuring sight.

Stomper Angelika was concerned to see how the chair had been left out to dry at Block 129 Bukit Merah View on June 25 and shared photos with Stomp.

She said: "Apparently someone thought this was an acceptable and safe way to dry their office chair using wooden poles.

"What if someone was walking below and the chair dropped? It's so inconsiderate and selfish of them not to think of other people's safety."

In response to queries on Monday (June 29), a Tanjong Pagar Town Council spokesman told Stomp: "We would like to thank the Stomper for the feedback.

"We have checked the block and the chair is no longer placed there.

"As we are now aware of the unit which placed the chair so precariously, we will work with the Residents' Committee to educate the people staying in the unit not to do so again because of safety considerations."

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