'Neighbours from the sea' hang wet laundry out to dry, drip water all over resident's clothes

Submitted by Stomper Shirley

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Imagine hanging your clothes out to dry — only that there is a chance they will stay wet and not because of the weather.

Stomper Shirley, a resident at Block 123 Kim Tian Road, shared how her neighbours upstairs have been leaving wet laundry out and dripping water all over her clothes.

The Stomper shared videos taken in August last year and two weeks ago in April, showing what she goes through on a regular basis.

Shirley said: "My neighbours from the sea are never soft in dripping water on our laundry.

"My row of neighbours rarely have the chance to hang our laundry out because of the neighbours from above.

"Despite having approached them and the town council putting up a notice to be considerate, they have not bothered to be the better person.

"It is easy to tell us to move but put yourself in our shoes: Why are they so self entitled? They are building their convenience on us. Is there no way they will stop?"

According to Shirley, this is "always happening" and the situation persists.