'Indescribable stink' after Woodlands resident leaves meat out to dry on laundry pole

Submitted by Stomper Dahn

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Stomper Dahn kicked up a stink after seeing his neighbour at Block 171 Woodlands Street 11 leaving meat out to dry on Saturday (Apr 4).

Dahn submitted photos showing a basket of raw meat hanging from a laundry pole outside his neighbour's flat.

He said: "The meat was there from 12pm to 6pm.

"Although it was removed on the same day, the bad smell was indescribable."

In a separate incident last month, Stomper David reported seeing his neighbours hanging meat from their laundry rack at Block 148 Yishun Street 11.

Nee Soon Town Council subsequently visited the unit involved and advised the family to refrain from hanging of meat at the laundry rack. The family complied.

"In view of public health and hygiene, we would also like to take the chance to remind residents not to hang any food items on the laundry rack," Nee Soon Town Council had said.

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