Town council slams high-rise littering in Yishun: 'Dangerous, irresponsible and anti-social'

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Tissue paper, a frying pan and its glass lid.

These are just some of the items that have been thrown from height in the vicinity of Block 162 Yishun Street 11.

A Stomper said the high-rise littering has been an ongoing issue for years and that she sees the discarded items at the foot of the block every day.

Sharing photos of the rubbish, she said: "A few years ago, the block as littered with plastic bottles and paper. I reported it to the police and they managed to talk to the unit's residents.

"Now, I see tissues and paper on the ground when I pass by this block every morning,

"For past three months, there have been lots of paper thrown every day. I made a police report

"On Nov 28, I saw a frying pan with a broken glass lid on the carpark floor. I made a police report and the police came to investigate."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for Nee Soon Town Council said: "High-rise littering is a dangerous, irresponsible and anti-social act.

"We have informed the National Environment Agency (NEA) of this high-rise littering case.

"We have also stepped up communications to residents of the affected block to remind them of the seriousness of high-rise littering."

Residents are urged to contact NEA at 1800 2255 632 or through the OneService app if they have any information regarding the identity of those responsible for high-rise littering.

The spokesperson also said: "In addition, Nee Soon Town Council's property teams and estate ambassadors regularly walk the ground and will be vigilant in reporting such acts to the NEA for enforcement."