You've heard of killer litter but musical litter? Someone threw guitar from Punggol block

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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Three months ago, it was a supermarket trolley.

This time, someone at Block 223A Sumang Lane in Punggol apparently threw an acoustic guitar.

Sharing a photo of the string instrument on the ground, Stomper Tan said it happened on Saturday (July 29) at 7.45am.

He recounted: "While I was heading for breakfast at the coffee shop, I walked past the garden behind Block 223A.

"Suddenly, I was shocked by the loud sound of something landing on the ground. I turned my head and saw a guitar had been thrown down on the grass patch I don't know from which unit.

"Luckily, nobody was injured. If hit by the heavy item, I can't imagine how serious it would be."

Tan previously told Stomp that someone had been throwing faeces from the same block every day at about 7am as can be seen by the stains on the ground.

"The whole garden is so smelly and stinky. When you walk past, you must cover your nose.

"Worse, one schoolboy was hit by poop early one morning and he was crying. I asked him what happened and he pulled his uniform to show me. I asked him to quickly go back to change. He shook his head and said he was late for school. So I gave him a wet tissue to clean himself. Poor boy.

"People who live around Block 223A must be alert and try to avoid this spot in the morning.

The Stomper said: "Residents also throw dangerous items that can kill someone such as heavy bottles, metal cans and kettles."

He also listed less dangerous discarded items such as used condoms, rubbish bags, food waste, a kids' toy and even an adult toy.

"This has been going on for 2½ years. The worst thing is at night, there are so many rats and flying cockroaches. In the daytime, it's pigeons, mynahs and crows."

In November, the Stomper alleged that a woman had been throwing objects, including "lady items", from her fourth-storey unit for over a year.

In a Stomp report about the case in August last year, the National Environment Agency said: "We have deployed a surveillance camera to capture any littering act at this suspected unit. We are monitoring the high-rise littering situation with the town council, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action."