Killer litter persists at Punggol block even after man arrested for allegedly throwing bike, oven and TV

Submitted by Stomper JT

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A man was arrested for allegedly throwing a bicycle, a microwave oven and a television set from his high-rise flat in Punggol on Friday morning (Oct 6).

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted at 5am to the case at Block 223A Sumang Lane and arrested the 29-year-old man for rash act.

No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.

Stomper JT, who lives at the block, told Stomp: "I saw from my window that the guy was already handcuffed by a group of police officers."

Killer litter has been a persistent problem in the area since 2021 when Stomp first reported it.

In May this year, someone threw a shopping trolley. In July, it was a guitar.

In November last year, the Stomper alleged that a woman had been throwing objects, including "lady items", from her fourth-storey unit for over a year.

He previously told Stomp that someone had been throwing faeces from the same block every day at about 7am.

The Stomper said: "Residents also throw dangerous items that can kill someone such as heavy bottles, metal cans and kettles."

He also listed less dangerous discarded items such as used condoms, rubbish bags, food waste, a kids' toy and even an adult toy.

"I am used to it by now," said the Stomper.

"But I was very surprised on Friday when a bike was thrown and landed on the grass patch. Other residents saw the TV and the oven with pieces of glass everywhere."

He said it was "super loud" when the items landed and other people called the police.

Even though the Stomper had previously called the police about the high-rise littering, he told Stomp: "The police said they would not interfere unless the items could cause death or injury and asked me to report it to the National Environment Agency (NEA) or town council."

He said the police came when the shopping cart and guitar were thrown, but no one was arrested.

But even after the arrest on Friday, the high-rise littering continued.

The Stomper shared photos of rice and a rubbish bag thrown onto the ground the next morning.

He told Stomp: "I can say every day, I hear things drop from above and see rubbish everywhere on the ground. I am already no longer surprised and tired of sending feedback to NEA and the town council.

"I'm just waiting to get my BTO and move out of this scary horror place."