Town council puts up bollards at Boon Lay after Stomp report on driver who cut through playground

Submitted by Stomper Rick

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West Coast Town Council has put up bollards near Block 183A Boon Lay Avenue after Stomp reported on a car that had cut through the neighbourhood's playground and fitness corner on Aug 29.

Residents were shocked and some were shouting when the car travelled along the footpaths and community areas.

Stomper Rick updated Stomp after the bollards had been erected at spaces where vehicles may have been able to squeeze through.

A spokesman from West Coast town concil confirmed with Stomp on Monday (Nov 4) that the bollards were put up by them.

"I would like to thank the town council and Residents Committee (RC) for the swift action in setting up meetings with contractors to build stainless steel bollards to prevent careless drivers from driving into the park," the Stomper said.

"It was not an easy job for the town council to put this up swiftly.

"Factors like wheelchair accessibility had to be taken into consideration to make this happen.

"I urge all residents to give your support by reporting such issues and to make considerable improvements to their neighbourhood RC and town council for better livability in your neighbourhood."