Town council engaging with Canberra resident who cluttered corridor with plants, planks and more

Sembawang Town Council is engaging with a resident who has been cluttering a common corridor at Block 107C Canberra Street with potted plants, furniture and wooden planks.

This comes after a Stomp report on July 22 about how other residents had signed a petition calling for the removal of the items on the ninth-floor corridor.

Stomper J, who alerted Stomp to the situation, also expressed concerns about the clutter being a fire hazard and breeding ground for mosquitos.

In response to a Stomp query, Sembawang Town Council confirmed that it has received feedback from residents "regarding the plants and wooden planks outside the unit of the errant homeowner".

A spokesman said: "We have been engaging the resident on removing the planks from outside his units and also to reduce the number of potted plants he has along the corridor.

"We are monitoring the situation."