This dish from Yishun stall looks so disastrous, you'll never guess what it's supposed to be

Submitted by Stomper Jing

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Can you identify what local dish this is supposed to be?

Stomper Jing said she ordered mee soto from a coffee shop stall at Block 431 Yishun Avenue 1, but what she received far exceeded her imagination – and not in a good way.

Photos that she shared show bee hoon in a bowl of gravy that had nearly dried up. The dish, which came with a fried chicken wing, was in varying shades of brown.

Jing said: "Can someone tell me if this is a new type of Mee Soto? Dry Soto?

"Before I made my order, I asked if I could mix noodles with bee hoon and was told 'can'. The two ladies at the stall even asked if I wanted any bean sprouts and I said yes.

"When I reached home, I realised the whole packet only had bee hoon and a piece of fried chicken wing, without any noodles and bean sprouts, plus totally no soup."

Could the gravy just have dried up?

The Stomper explained: "I'm just staying at the block next to the coffee shop so it's impossible that the soup would have dried up totally.

"I don't mind paying $5 for this packet of mee soto if it was nice and they got my order correct, but this is beyond acceptable. It's like Dry Soto, plus the wrong order given.

"This is not the way to run a business, even though running and maintaining a business is tough nowadays."

For reference, this is what a Google Image search of mee soto shows:

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Is it something you would eat?