Shrimply disappointing: Prawn mee from Yishun stall looks nothing like photo

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Another case of 'for illustration purposes' only?

A diner felt blindsided by a bowl of prawn noodles that looked nothing like its advertised photo.

Stomper Lim said he visited the prawn mee stall at the Block 732 Yishun Avenue 5 coffee shop for the first time on Nov 22, at around 9.15am.

He ordered a bowl of Pig's Tail Prawn Noodle for $6 and was severely disappointed by his food.

Lim told Stomp: "This stall gave very small prawns. The size is such that you can fit four to five pieces of prawn on one tablespoon. They also gave only two pieces."

The Stomper said this is in contrast to the stall's menu board, which showed three "medium-sized prawns with head".

However, it should be noted that the photo in question shows three prawns sliced in half.

Nevertheless, Lim's bowl of noodles is not only missing vegetables, but also appears to have a sparser amount of beansprouts than pictured.

Lim added: "This is blindsiding customers who are willing to pay. When I asked the stall about it, the staff just smiled and laughed it off."