Botched McDonald's burgers and 'stone cold' fries makes hungry customer 'feel like a joke'

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Have you ever been so hungry, only to lose your appetite after seeing your food?

Stomper Anon can tell you all about it.

The Stomper made a McDelivery order from McDonald's Woodlands Mart outlet on Nov 28, at around 3.25pm.

Anon recounted: "I just came back from a full shift at work, feeling hungry and wanting to eat McDonald's, so I purchased two set meals for my family.

"However, when the food arrived, it was unappealing and made me feel like I'm a joke.

"I ordered a McSpicy meal and a Double McSpicy meal, with cheese added for both of my burgers. But as you see in the pictures, the cheese was on top of the whole burger. I mean, what's the point of having cheese on top???"

Photos shared by Anon show how the cheese for both burgers had also gotten stuck to the boxes.

The Stomper added: "Apart from that, the crisscut fries were stone cold and hard as a rock that even my teeth hurt when I was eating my food.

"I understand if the restaurant and staff are busy, but this is something we buy using our money. We are not getting it for free."

Asked if feedback was provided to McDonald's about the incident, Anon told Stomp: "Yea, but nothing was done.

"The standard of McDonald's has been dropping, man. It's so disappointing."

Responding to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesperson said: "We are reaching out directly to the customer to follow up on the matter."

View more photos of Anon's food in the gallery.