Things could have gone very wrong for this e-scooter rider who tripped at pedestrian crossing

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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An e-scooter rider had a near-miss encounter with a taxi at the traffic junction near Downtown East in Pasir Ris on Monday afternoon (Nov 5).

Stomper Kannan shared a video of the incident with Stomp.

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Kannan was driving behind a taxi along Pasir Ris Drive 3 at about 12.15pm when he saw an e-scooter rider travelling along a pavement to his left along 

The green man at the crossing is blinking when the taxi driver in front of Kannan makes a left turn to Pasir Ris Drive 6.

The e-scooter rider brakes hard to avoid the taxi, causing his rear wheel to lift off the ground.

The momentum causes him to trip and move onto the road before backing up onto the pavement.

"Luckily his emergency brake worked well and prevented a mishap," said Kannan.