E-scooter rider beats red light and dangerously swerves past car in Simei

Submitted by Stomper Hong Phuc

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An e-scooter rider recklessly cut into the lane of a car from the opposite direction, by beating a red light at the junction of Simei Road and Simei Street 4 yesterday (Nov 1) at 9.10pm.

Stomper Hong Phuc and his family, including a 12-year-old girl, were in the car on the way home from Singapore Expo.

He sent a video of the incident to Stomp.

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In the video, the car makes a left turn into the next road.

Suddenly, an e-scooter beats the red light to cut across into the lane Hong Phuc was in, to get to the other side.

The car slows down and honks at the e-scooter rider.

The video ends with the car continuing home.

Hong Phuc said: "I think what the e-scooter rider did was very reckless. He didn't care for himself or for others. 

"It was dangerous for both of us."

"I am aware of the many incidents of personal mobility devices (PMDs) riding recklessly on the road, but this is the first time I had encountered a dangerous situation with it," he added.