E-scooter rider leaves pedestrian stunned after speeding past red light outside AMK Hub

Submitted by Stomper Mr Tan

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An e-scooter was captured on video beating a red light along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, outside AMK Hub on Oct 20.

Stomper Mr Tan alerted us to the video posted on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante.

The video's timestamp captured by the in-car camera of a car shows that the incident occurred at 8.49pm.

In the video, footage of the rear view of the car showed a man riding an e-scooter, headed in the same direction as it.

The lights then changed to red and the car came to a stop.

A front view of the car is then shown in the video.

Even though the lights turned red, the e-scooter continued whizzing forward.

A group of three pedestrians were crossing the road at that time.

One of the pedestrians in an orange t-shirt seemed shocked.

He looked back at the e-scooter as it sped away.