Thank you, off-duty bus captain who went extra mile to help wheelchair-bound passenger

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Being off-duty did not stop a kind SBS Transit bus captain from extending a helping hand to a wheelchair-bound passenger.

Stomper Anonymous came across the heartwarming sight at a bus stop near Block 700B Ang Mo Kio Avenue on Friday (Jan 15), at around 2.51pm.

Anonymous said: "I was at at bus stop 54241 when I saw this off-service SBS Transit bus captain alighting from a bus. He was carrying an SBS Transit bag.

"Upon noticing that a passenger in a wheelchair wanted to board the bus, he went beyond the call of his duty without hesitation to assist the passenger in boarding the bus.

"By sharing this, I hope to highlight my appreciation and praise to this bus captain as he did a wonderful job in helping the passenger.

"He is a kind soul who definitely 100% deserves an award for his wonderful deed as this is not something that I see often."