Army guy and driver help to right recycling bin blown over by strong wind in Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Rozzana

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Stomper Rozzana was recording a video of the erratic weather in Hougang on Tuesday (Jan 12) when she captured an uplifting sight that warmed her heart.

The incident occurred at Block 168 Hougang Avenue 1 at around 5pm.

Rozzana recounted: "It was drizzling and I was recording the super windy breeze at around 5pm when I spotted an army guy.

"He was passing by when a blue recycling bin got blown over by the strong wind into the middle of the road. He tried to carry and put back the recycling bin.

"While he was struggling, another passer-by came out from his car to assist.

"Finally, both of them managed to put back the recycling bin.

"It was really heartwarming to see the effort put in by the army guy and how a stranger actually left his car to help out. Most people would just walk away due to the bad weather.

"It's good to see Singaporeans actually helping to take care of public property and keeping the road safe for others.

"The fact that my video was accidentally recorded made it all the more special.

"Thumbs up to fellow Singaporeans who make Singapore a better place by doing their part!