Taxi driver confronts fellow cabby with 'weapon' at diesel pump station in Bukit Batok

Two taxi drivers were caught on video arguing at a diesel pump station.

Facebook user Keith Sim posted the video in the Singapore Taxi Driver's group yesterday (Feb 7) and said that the incident happened at Bukit Batok on Feb 1.

According to him, his friend was pumping diesel into his taxi when another cabby confronted him with what he described to be a "retractable baton".

In the video, the man holding the "weapon" shouts and threatens the other cabby before throwing it on the floor.

He later picks it up and walks back to his taxi.

Throughout the exchange, the person recording the argument repeatedly says, "Don't fight!"

Keith wrote in his post that the man in the striped shirt was not happy that the other taxi driver was using the pump.

However, some netizens have commented saying that there must be more to what was captured on video.

"[One]- sided story, it takes 2 idiot[s] to make 1 fool...there must be a reason for his action...these 2 are just wasting the police's time," wrote Johnny Chia.

Watch the video below.