Tampines resident uncovers 'disturbing' rubbish while making his rounds at staircase

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Stomper was concerned when he came across rubbish at a staircase landing at Block 872B Tampines Street 86 recently.

The Stomper shared with Stomp photos he took on Mar 23 at 9pm of a piece of cardboard laid out on the landing and a plastic bag filled with glass drink bottles.

"I have made my rounds and found some disturbing hygiene issues," he said.

He added that on a previous occasion, he also allegedly found a syringe.

He has since reported the matter to the relevant authorities.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from Tampines Town Council said: "Our property officer acted promptly and deployed our cleaner to clear the area of the rubbish.

"The officer checks the area regularly and has not found any syringe lying around.

"The cleanliness of the estate is a priority to the Town Council.

"We take all feedback seriously and will monitor the case closely.

"Notices have also been put up to remind residents that such behaviour is prohibited.

"Their cooperation to keep the estate clean is much appreciated."