Town council responds to 'potential mosquito breeding ground' at cluttered corridor of Yishun block

Submitted by Stomper Devan

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Nee Soon Town Council has responded to a resident's concern regarding clutter and empty buckets and pots along a common corridor at Block 637A Yishun Street 61.

Stomper Devan informed Stomp that a resident at the said block has been keeping "junk" outside their unit for months and that it is a potential "mosquito breeding ground".

In response to a Stomp query, the town council said it is aware of the situation and has engaged the owners on several occasions to remove the items.

"We noted that most of the items were relocated by the owner in late March after our interventions," a town council spokesman said.

"However after sometime, they started putting their items out again.

"We share the public's concern on potential breeding, and have reminded the owner to remove the empty pots.

"Town Council has also done a check at the surrounding area to ensure there are no breeding spots. 

"We would like to assure the public that Town Council will continue to monitor on this."