Taking dogs and riding e-scooters in nature reserves are prohibited, but these visitors just don't care

Submitted by Stomper Ben Lee

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Stomper Ben Lee, has noticed people taking their dogs for a walk and riding their e-scooters which is prohibited, while at the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserves and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. 

On his trip to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve last Sunday (Sep 9), he saw a man riding his e-scooter around with a child in the front 'seat'.

While visiting the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves the following Sunday (Sep 16) at about 4.30pm with his friends, he snapped pictures of people taking their dogs for a walk. 

Ben, the founder of Nature Trekker, a nature conservation organisation, used to remind people who were breaking the rules that what they were doing was wrong.  

"However, now I don't get involved because it happens over and over. They definitely know about the laws because of the signboards at the entrance of the park and all around the park." 

According to the NParks offical website, pets and e-scooters are not allowed in nature reserves.

Photo: NParks.gov.sg 

Photo: NParks.gov.sg 

Ben feels that the authorities should be more aware of the people committing these acts to prevent any harm towards "our precious pristine little pockets of nature reserves left in tiny island of Singapore". 

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