Man catches anglers fishing and people cycling illegally at 3 nature reserves

Submitted by Stomper Ben Lee

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Stomper Ben Lee was at Upper Peirce Reservoir, Lower Peirce Reservoir, and Kranji Marshes from about 3pm to 5pm yesterday (Aug 9), where he was appalled to find people conducting illegal activities.

Ben, the founder of Nature Trekker, a nature conservation organisation, was shocked to see several park goers illegally fishing and cycling on forbidden grounds.

He said: "I was out doing bird and wildlife photography in Singapore's various nature reserves and to my surprise, I stumbled across several illegal activities in the nature reserves.

"For example, it is illegal to cycle and fish inside the nature reserves, but there are still many people doing that. There's even a signboard outside telling people not to do that."

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Hence, instead of using his camera for nature photography, Ben ended up using it to capture images of lawbreakers.

He said: "I used my super telephoto lens to take shots of illegal activities from a far distance away (for my personal safety if they turn aggressive towards me) through my big lens.

"Like what people always say, a picture paints a thousand word and so I believe in the same philosophy that by providing photos, it can better describe what happened.

"I really want to educate the public on what some of them are doing is wrong.

"I want our nature reserves to be well protected and preserved, not only for us but also for our future generations."