Taiwanese bride-to-be dies in accident just 5 days before wedding and a day before her birthday

Candice Cai
Oct 17, 2017

She was supposed to get married on Oct 1, but tragically, Taiwanese bride-to-be Ren An Ni was killed in a traffic accident just five days before her wedding.

She would have turned 32 the next day.

Ren was crossing a traffic junction in Taoyuan city on the night of Sept 26 when she was struck by a hospital shuttle bus.

She had just left the hospital after a medical appointment when the reversing bus reportedly ran over her. Ren was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ren and her fiance, Lu Chun Hsien, had been together for 13 years before deciding to tie the knot this year.

According to media reports, a grieving Lu wrote a message on his Facebook page on the day of her funeral:

"It's the 19th day I've not talked to you. I finally put a ring on your finger today. We're married! Sorry you had to wait for another two weeks. Even though you still can't help me wear my ring, and you couldn't see me in my wedding suit."

In another post today (Oct 17), Lu expressed his gratitude and love for Ren:

"Even though I'm alone now, I will move forward bravely. It's just a little tough now and I need more time. So please allow me to miss you a little longer, and remember how good you were to me, your affection, and all the things that we never got to do, so that I can continue to complete our life. In our next life, I hope you will marry me again."

Ren's 'farewell' service, which was held on Oct 16, was beautifully decorated in the style of a wedding celebration - although the mood was decidedly sombre.

Apple Daily Taiwan reported that Lu took pains to adorn the venue with bouquets of flowers, as well as pictures taken from their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Blank cards were also placed on a reception table for about 400 friends and family who attended the Christian service to pen their wishes.

A grief-stricken Lu, who was dressed in a suit, was unable to speak during the ceremony, breaking down in tears on stage.

Also present at the service were the driver of the bus and a representative of the hospital, who presented the family with wreaths.

According to reports, Ren's family is seeking legal recourse regarding the accident and will be resuming talks with the hospital.