Malaysian student dies after 108kg barbell falls on his neck during bench press

A Malaysian student, died after a 108kg barbell fell on him while he was bench pressing, crushing his neck. 

The accident happened at a fitness centre in Ampang Jaya, Selangor on Tuesday (Oct 3) at about 8pm. 

The victim, Mr Wang Zongren, 20, was a student in the Malaysian Institute of Art, and a fitness enthusiast.

He also worked as a part-time agent, reports China Press via The Straits Times.

A friend who was at the gym during the incident said he suspected that Mr Wang had lost control of the barbell due to fatigue, causing it to slip from his hands, crushing his neck. 

According to the same friend, there were five people in the gym when the freak accident happened. 

Three of them were in the prayer room, while he was out for a smoke. 

He said:

“I asked him to wait for me before I left. 

“However, when I returned, he was unconscious and the barbell was on his neck.”

He immediately asked for help from three other friends. 

The group then moved the barbell away and called for an ambulance.

Mr Wang was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics and his body was sent to a hospital for autopsy.

Under general conditions, anyone attempting to push his limits should have people beside him to render assistance and support the fitness equipment if he is too exhausted to carry on.

His friend theorised that his death was unlikely caused by the wrong use of equipment, given Mr Wang’s years of experience. 

He added:

“It is likely that the barbell slipped from his hands as he was too tired to carry on.”

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