Tada user gets 'rundown school bus' and ends up paying extra $11.75 for toll charges

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A passenger felt 'cheated' after he was charged an extra $11.96 for a ride on a 'rundown school bus'.

A Stomper said he booked a ride to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) from Hougang via the Tada ride-hailing app on Nov 17.

He was surprised when a minibus picked him up as he was expecting a 'normal 4-seater' ride.

"I even asked the driver, how come it's a private school bus and not a private car and he showed me the app," he said.

"I don't drive so how would I know the booking is a huge private school bus with 17 seats?"

On the app, he was quoted $20.48 but was shocked that he was charged $32.44 instead.

According to the Tada app, choosing an AnyTADA ride means getting matched with a private vehicle, taxi or minibus near you at a 'fixed fare'.

The Stomper told Stomp he called Tada's call centre and was told he booked a Premium ride but he said he made a booking for a 'normal four-seater'. His receipt also indicated that he had booked an AnyTADA ride and not a Premium one.

"Even if it is Premium, how come it's an old rundown school bus which has a door that can't be opened?" he said.

"The driver was also on his phone chatting to his friend."

According to the receipt he received, the extra $11.96 he paid was inclusive of platform, driver's and payment transaction fees and toll charges which was $11.75.