Tada driver charges elderly couple $5 more for extra 200m and 'fuel'

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Aug 30, 2023

There were no options on the app to select their desired drop-off point. 

So the passengers proceeded with the default location - Lobby A. 

But when the private-hire driver charged them an extra $5 for dropping them off at Lobby F instead, they were surprised.

As was their son, Mr Jay Chen.

Mr Chen took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook page to express his unhappiness after his parents were made to pay extra for requesting to be dropped off 200m from the pinned destination in New Tech Park. 

He said that he had booked his parents a Tada ride from Yishun to New Tech Park at Lorong Chuan on Saturday (Aug 26).

When they reached New Tech Park, the couple asked the driver to let them alight at Lobby F.

"The driver demanded an extra $5 as the booking drop-off point did not indicate Lobby F. 

“He claimed he is incurring extra $5 worth of fuel charges for driving that 200m," Mr Chen wrote.

Mr Chen, who had booked rides to the same destination on Tada multiple times, said that this was the first time a driver had asked for an additional fee. 

He said that the distance between the two lobbies did not warrant the extra charge.

He gave his contact details and wrote, "To the driver - if you have any slight conscience please contact me (to make) an apology to my parents."

Mr Chen’s post received close to 100 comments, with some agreeing that the Tada driver should not have charged for the short distance. 

But some felt that the driver should be compensated for going the extra distance. 

"PHV drivers are out to earn a living, not to do charity work,” said one person.

On Tada's website, it is stated that any request for additional stops after the trip has started will be subjected to additional charges.

From 0 to 5km, an extra $5 will be charged to the fare for economy rides and $10 for premium rides.

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