Tada user shocked that car picking him up has different plate number from booking

Submitted by Stomper Stanley

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Was it an error?

A Tada user was shocked the car that arrived to pick him up had a different plate number than on the booking.

Stomper Stanley shared photos of the Tada booking on his phone and the vehicle on Sept 29.

The booking said the car was a red Kia Carens (misspelled as "carren") with the plate number SMG4335S. The car that showed up was a red Kia Carens but had the plate number SME6073U.

"I was shocked because I was looking at SMG4335S and a red Kia, but when I saw the red Kia coming, I saw the plate number was different," recounted the Stomper.

He realised it was the car he booked when the driver asked whether he was going to Ang Mo Kio, which was the Stomper's destination.

"The front seat was full of bags. When I indicated I wanted to sit in front, he asked if I could wait for him to slowly move all his bags to the boot. He also asked me to put one bag on my lap because it contained his wallet," recounted the Stomper.

When the Stomper asked about the different plate number, the driver said: "It's the same."

But apart from that, the Stomper said there were no issues with the ride.

Stomp has contacted Tada for more info.

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