Cabby allegedly scolds Tada user with vulgarities, chases him out of taxi after he 'moved air-con'

Submitted by Stomper Stanley

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Here we go again.

A passenger claimed that a taxi driver verbally abused him and chased him out of the cab after the passenger "moved the air-con".

Stomper Stanley shared a screenshot of the Tada booking made on Aug 8.

"We booked a cab from Tada," said the Stomper, who was with his family.

The Trans-cab driver picked them up at Sultan Plaza to go to Ang Mo Kio.

Stanley recounted: "I moved the air-con to a comfortable spot just once, but he asked me I kept moving the air-con for what? He scolded me with vulgar language and chased me out of the cab before he drove off.

"He even said, 'F*** your whole family.'"

The Stomper said they were in the vehicle for less than five minutes. The driver cancelled the booking so the Stomper was not charged.

Stanley added that he reported the incident to Tada but has not received a response.

Stomp has contacted Tada for more info.

In January, a Gojek driver lost his temper and scolded a passenger after the latter adjusted the car seat and air-conditioner without asking for permission. The passenger was also chased out of the vehicle.