Student who helped elderly man use SafeEntry at White Sands 'was simply inspirational to watch'

Submitted by Stomper Zak

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A secondary school boy was spotted doing a kind act and helping an elderly man at White Sands Shopping Mall on Monday (Aug 31).

Stomper Zak shared the encounter with Stomp and sent a photo that he took of the boy.

"I witnessed a student from Bedok South Secondary School helping an elderly man load the QR code scanner and register the man’s details for entry into the shopping mall," Zak said.

"The boy even taught the elderly man to use SafeEntry, Singapore's digital check-in system.

"He was patient, helpful and simply inspirational to watch. I offered to buy him anything in the restaurant that I was in but he politely declined.

"I believe his act of service should be acknowledged and recognised.

"I can only hope my son grows up to help others like he helped the elderly man today."