Kudos to kind bus captain who helps wheelchair-bound passengers, greets others with a smile

Submitted by Stomper Fiq

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It is always heartening to see someone so dedicated in doing their job.

Stomper Fiq felt the same way too, and told Stomp about the encounter he had with a kind bus captain on Thursday (Aug 27) at 10.01pm.

He also shared a photo of the bus captain helping a wheelchair-bound passenger board the bus.

Fiq shared: "I met this really helpful, friendly and kind bus driver on bus 174.

"I took this photo at the bus stop near Block 185 Boon Lay Avenue, when he was helping another passenger board the bus.

"This is not the first time I have seen this bus captain help wheelchair-bound passengers.

"But I feel that this time, he really deserves recognition for his professionalism."

The Stomper also shared that his bus captain "always greets passengers with a smile".

"I feel very proud to have encountered such a responsible, friendly and kind bus captain," he added.