Stomper walks past 1m-long snake while doing qigong at Lower Seletar Reservoir

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A Stomper walked past a snake measuring around one metre while he was doing qigong at Lower Seletar Reservoir at about 6.30am on Thursday (Nov 28).

He contributed photos of the snake and told Stomp: "I go to Lower Seletar Reservoir without fail every single day.

"I'm there for qigong every morning and we were doing a walking exercise when we walked past this snake. 

"A lot of the females in my qigong group screamed.

"This isn't my first time seeing a snake but I was quite surprised.

"Luckily I wasn't bitten and retracted my foot quite fast. 

"Good thing my camera has flash so I could take a nice photo of the snake too.

"I just want to remind people to be careful, especially when they bring children to Lower Seletar Reservoir."