Stomper thrilled to be in right place at right time after free ice cream from Royal Plaza on Scotts

Submitted by Stomper Larry

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A long queue formed outside Royal Plaza on Scotts yesterday afternoon (Oct 14), with passers-by eager for free ice cream from the hotel.

Stomper Larry was one of those at the scene and said the giveaway was held to celebrate Royal Plaza on Scotts winning the TTG Travel Best Independent Hotel Award for the 10th consecutive year.

He gushed about the event and said: "I was just walking to Shaw Centre when I saw a long queue of people queueing up.

"Then I saw that the hotel was giving out free ice-cream! Really my lucky day! Just walk walk and I happen to see them. I was at the right place at the right time!

"Their flavours are so special! I chose the salted egg yolk flavour. So shiok! Plus it’s free so even more shiok!!!

"But congrats to them for winning! Hopefully, more hotels will do more giveaways like this."

Definitely a well-deserved win, especially when the hotel shares its achievement with the rest of us too. Great job, Royal Plaza on Scotts!