Skilled drummers, march-in ceremony and lots of excitement at Carousel -- for 80kg tuna

Submitted by Stomper Michael

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As we all know, high-quality tuna can fetch a lot of money. And the amount that it is worth increases with the fish's weight too.

So you can imagine the excitement at Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel when its iconic restaurant, Carousel, got its hands on a massive 80kg tuna.

Stomper Michael felt lucky that he was there to witness the march-in and tuna-cutting ceremony yesterday (May 4).

There was a drum performance as four chefs carried the enormous fish on a wooden platform into the restaurant, which he took videos of.

Michael recounted the cool scene:

"There was a taiko drum performance by MINDS and then came the march-in with an 80kg tuna carried by a group of Japanese chefs.

"Have never seen such a big tuna. So spectacular!

"Totally worth a try but a little tip for my fellow Japanese food lovers, you might want to book a table in advance because the restaurant was packed to the brim yesterday!"