Man jokes about being unable to afford ice cream for son -- and 9-year-old stranger offers him money

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Stomper P was heartened by what happened after he joked about not having enough money to buy his son an ice cream at McDonald's Jurong Point on Sunday night (Oct 8).

According to P, a nine-year-old boy named Rayden took his joke seriously and had wanted to give him money to buy the ice cream.

P, an American who has been living in Singapore for nine years, shared how this is exactly why he loves it here.

Said the Stomper: I was in a long queue at McDonald's in Jurong Point Mall with my son on Sunday night.

"There was a young man in front of me who smiled at me. He had his money out to make payment for his food.

"I joked with this young boy, saying that I didn't have any money to buy my son an ice cream and asked if could he pay.

"At this point, I saw him starting to reach into his pocket to give me money to buy my son an ice cream. I informed him that I was just joking.

"It warmed my heart that this young boy was willing to give me a dollar to buy my son an ice cream.

"We chatted as we waited in the queue. He was a pleasant and smart young man whose name was Rayden.

"His parents should be complimented for raising such a genuinely caring, respectful, and generous young man.

"The reason I fell in love with Singapore is meeting people such as Rayden."