Stomper investigates what ridiculously long queue at *SCAPE is for

Submitted by Stomper Maman

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You might have noticed an unusually large crowd at *SCAPE in Orchard Road over the past few days -- and there's a reason for it.

Stomper Maman was meeting his niece at McDonald's on Saturday afternoon (Oct 12) when he saw a long queue forming and decided to find out what it was for.

A video that Manan contributed shows him following the queue outdoors right up to a pop-up store in the mall at around 1.30pm.

The pop-up store was opened by K-pop girl group Twice from Oct 12 to Oct 14 and is the first of its kind in Asia, reported Koreaboo.

Known as Twaii’s Shop, it sold exclusive Twice merchandise including the group’s official lightstick, t-shirts and badges.

Prices ranged from $10 for trading cards to $75 for a shirt.

Maman told Stomp: "I find this amusing.

"Our youths have so much free time nowadays."