Stomper finds poster on car reprimanding driver for "bad parking"

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Stomper Nuris was walking at a carpark at Sungei Rd yesterday (Jan 17) when he saw a poster reprimanding a driver for bad parking which was pasted on a car.

Amused by the sight, he snapped a photo of the poster and told Stomp, "Where can someone get the time to make this?"

The poster read, "Hello. You suck at parking. Next time leave some space - you idiot."

Nuris said that the car was indeed badly parked and had occupied two parking lots.

If you take a closer look at the poster, it is revealed to be a social initiative.

However, it is unclear what company is behind this.

In a similar incident on Jan 15, several cars were found to have $10 hongbaos on their windscreens. Upon closer inspection, it was found to be a marketing gimmick to advertise insurance.