Stomper disappointed by $9 Hokkien mee at new Tampines food court: 'Everything is so costly'

Submitted by Stomper Saggi

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A woman was disappointed at the prices of food items at a brand new food court in Tampines.

Stomper Saggi told Stomp that she visited Kawan Kawan, a new halal food hall concept at Tampines Mall, on Aug 30 at about 6.30pm.

The food court's grand opening was on Aug 15.

She said that her party of two ordered a plate of Hokkien mee for $9 and a bowl of durian chendol for $4.80.

Saggi shared a photo of her Hokkien mee and said: "The amount given is not justifiable to what we paid ($9)."

As for the chendol, she said: "We can get a same sized bowl at Boleh Boleh! (a similar type of food court) for $2.50."

She added that they didn't end up ordering anything else.

"It was very disappointing, everything is so costly," she said.

"The noodles were only four mouthfuls and the chendol was small.

"We left after 15 minutes."

When asked what would have been a more reasonable price to pay, the Stomper said she would have been okay paying $6 for the hokkien mee and $3.50 for the chendol.

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