$7.80 for this vegetarian meal -- and it's not even at some atas food court

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A woman was surprised to be charged $7.80 for her vegetarian mee hoon at Tan Tock Seng Hospital's food court on Friday morning (Aug 18).

Stomper Anonymous visited the vegetarian food stall at Healthy Kopitiam at around 8.35am and ordered mee hoon with mock meat, brinjal and fried beancurd skin.

She said: "Look at the quantity. Moreoever, it’s vegetarian food and at a hospital, not some Ion food court.

"No receipt was given by the stall too. When I asked them for the math, they said each side dish is $2."

That would mean the mee hoon costs $1.80.

The Stomper added: "A nasi lemak elsewhere costs only $4.50 max. If a Coffee Bean breakfast set of croissants and coffee for two pax can be purchased for $12, why does just mee hoon and vegetables cost so much?"

Asked how much would be considered an acceptable price for her meal, Anonymous told Stomp: "At least $4.50 or max $5 is reasonable.

"The same kind of food with bigger portions is cheaper at the National University Hospital's food court and around $4.20."

Anonymous is not the first to feel overcharged for vegetarian food at a hospital.

Just last week, Stomper Sky balked at paying $5.70 for his vegetarian lunch at Sengkang General Hospital's Koufu food court.