$20.20 for nasi padang? Parkway Parade stall under fire for pricey meal again

While there has been non-stop outcry about inflation and the cost of eating out, one dish seems to be drawing more flak than others: nasi padang.

One nasi padang stall in particular has found itself at the centre of multiple complaints over its pricey meals.

A diner recently took to Facebook to share how he was charged $20.20 at Padang Raya, located in Food Republic at Parkway Parade shopping mall.

Facebook user Nicky Teh's meal on August 8 consisted of rice with squid and vegetables as a set for $8.20, plus beef for $5.50 and a piece of fried fish for $6.50.

Teh wrote in his post: "Wow inflation has arrived in Singapore. A piece of fried fish cost $6.50 in a food court environment."

Many netizens agreed with Teh, saying that the cost of his meal was indeed "ridiculous" and "exorbitant".

One user said: "Rule no 1, never order fish or seafood."

A few also pointed out that eating at this particular food court and nasi padang stall is 'always expensive', with one commenting: "This is not the first time or first person (posting about) Parkway Parade's expensive foods".

And they are not wrong.

Last month, Stomper TP81 said he was charged $39.70 for two plates of nasi padang at the same Padang Raya outlet and called it "daylight robbery".

Economy rice stall Chang Cheng at the same food court has also been the subject of ire. Stomper Grace was surprised to be charged $9.10 for her cai png earlier in May this year, while Stomper David expressed shock at his $4.90 meal of rice and three vegetables in January.