Diner says 'daylight robbery' to pay $10.60 for cold economy rice at Changi Airport staff canteen

Submitted by Stomper Stephy

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A woman was appalled to be charged $10.60 for a meal at a staff canteen in Changi Airport on Saturday (Aug 26).

Stomper Stephy said she ordered two meats and one vegetable from the economy rice stall at Orchis Food Court, a staff canteen at Terminal 1.

A photo shows that her meal consisted of braised pork belly, sausage, a leafy green and white rice.

Stephy told Stomp: "The uncle harged me $10.60 and when I questioned why it was not $7.60 as per the signboard, I was told that this is the price. No receipt was given.

"This is daylight robbery. The food was served cold and not even warm."