Stomper chances upon python at Windsor Nature Park, says 'it's a sign of great fortune'

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Have you ever had an up-close encounter with a python before?

Well, Stomper Ratheesh has, and he is beyond thrilled by it.

Ratheesh shared with Stomp that he spotted the python during his morning run on the trails of Windsor Nature Park on Wednesday (July 22) at 8am. 

"The beautiful creature was slow and probably looking for food," the Stomper shared.

"I made sure to stop a few people passing by to let them know there was a python nearby."

Ratheesh shared his excitement about his encounter: "Seeing the python really thrilled me and made my day!

"I've had similar pleasant encounters with serpents in the past during my motorbiking expeditions and when I was travelling," he said.

"In fact, according to our culture, the sight of a snake is said to bring great fortune.

"I hope it works out that way for me," Ratheesh concluded.

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