Guy grabs snake by its tail after spotting it near Waterway Point

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If you happen to encounter a wild snake out in the open, you should never try to handle it yourself.

Unfortunately, one man decided it was a good idea to grab a snake by its tail after spotting it at a park connector near Waterway Point on Jan 21 at about 1.30am.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the incident and shared photos and videos taken by a friend.

"They were scared and flabbergasted when the saw the snake," the Stomper said.

The snake appears to be a reticulated python.

In a video, a man is seen grabbing the snake by its tail as others shout and laugh in the background.

However, going near and touching a snake is exactly what not to do if you happen to encounter one.

Snakes are part of our biodiversity, and members of the public are advised to keep a safe distance and avoid provoking them.

Those who see any wildlife in distress or in need of help can call Acres' 24-hour wildlife rescue team at 9783 7782.