Stomper catches rare glimpse of sunda colugo and baby at Rifle Range Nature Park

Submitted by Stomper April Jone

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The beauty of taking a stroll in one of Singapore's many natural reserves is that you never know what rare or interesting creature you might come across.

Stomper April Jone was fortunate enough to sight a sunda colugo and its baby hanging on the side of a tree at Rifle Range Nature Park on Monday (Apr 24) at about 12.55pm.

 Although the colugo is a native of mature forests in Singapore, it is rare to see one in the daytime.

It is active at night and feeds on leaves, shoots, flowers and fruits.

It has a giant membrane called a patagium, which stretches from its face to its digits to its tail, and glides as it leaps among trees.

In Singapore, it has been sighted in Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang and Upper Thomson.