Ever seen a colugo? It co-exists with us in our urban jungle

Colugos, also known as flying lemurs, are uncommon in Singapore.

However, one nature enthusiast managed to spot the rare creature at an estate along Hillview Avenue.

Two videos of the creature were posted by Toh Soo Hui to the Nature Society Facebook group on Dec 18.

One video shows a Colugo slowly climbing up a tree near the pavement while another shows the colugo swiftly climbing up a tree. 

According to the website Wildlife Singapore, the colugo has an extensive skin membrane stretching from its neck to forelimbs along the side of the body, the hind limbs and across the long tail.

This membrane when spread open, enables the colugo to glide from tree to tree.

They have been observed to glide more than 100 meters.

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