Stomper appealing for witnesses after collision with van along Airport Road

Submitted by Stomper Eunice

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Stomper Eunice is appealing for witnesses or footage of a collision involving her car and a van at the intersection of Airport Road and Bartley Road East on Sunday (Dec 16).

According to Eunice, she was going straight along Airport Road at about 1.40pm, when the van collided with her car from the left.

To help visualise the incident, Eunice provided Stomp with a photo of a map.

Eunice's car (black arrow) and the van (red arrow)

Eunice told Stomp: "I noticed that there was a car waiting before the dotted line, along the same road as the van, waiting for my car to pass.

"However, unlike the car, the van did not stop and hit the left door of the passenger seat of the car."

Eunice had also posted an appeal on Facebook at 1.55am this morning (Dec 21).

She added: "Please help share the post. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get."

Appeal for witness/vehicle footage on Sunday 16th Dec 2018, 140pm along (KPE exit 6) Airport Road intersecting Bartley...

Posted by Eunice Teng on Thursday, 20 December 2018

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