GrabHitch passenger looking for witnesses after allegedly getting assaulted by lorry driver

Submitted by Stomper Loh

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A GrabHitch passenger is looking for eyewitnesses after he allegedly got assaulted by a lorry driver. 

The incident happened at a shelter between Block 121 and 122, Bukit Batok Central on Friday (March 2), at 5.58pm.

The victim, Stomper Loh, told Stomp in a phone interview that the incident had arisen due to the lorry occupying almost two lanes, thus hindering traffic. 

Said Loh:

"I noticed that the lorry was picking up a lady at the shelter.

“It was raining then, and I couldn't get into the car either as the lorry was blocking off the car.”

After 10 minutes, a male lorry passenger alighted the lorry and approached the GrabHitch driver in an aggressive manner, seemingly bent on starting a fight. 

Loh called out to the lorry passenger, hoping to mitigate the situation. 

However, the lorry driver then alighted and reportedly pushed Loh.

Loh said:

"I think the lorry driver knew about the dashboard camera on my GrabHitch driver's car, so he shoved me to move me out of the frame before attacking me."

The lorry driver then punched Loh in the right eye and abdomen, before pushing him to the ground.

The police were subsequently alerted but Loh's assailant claimed that Loh had attacked him first, leading to both men getting arrested. 

A day after the incident, Loh sought treatment at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). 

The indignant Loh added:

“My GrabHitch driver is my key witness and will be able to verify that everything I said is true.

“However, that’s not enough, and having photos or a video would be better.

"During the time, I think many residents were looking out of their windows, and some were probably capturing it on video. 

“With a video, we’ll have him dead to rights.”

In response to a Stomp query, a police spokesman said:

"On March 2, 2018, at 5.58pm, the police were alerted to a case of Affray near Block 121, Bukit Batok Central. 

"Two men aged 28 and 48 were both arrested in relation to the case.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

It is understood that Loh is the 48-year-old man who was arrested. 

According to the police report, both Loh and the lorry driver claimed that they were attacked first by the other party although Loh insists that he never retaliated. 

Stomp has attempted to contact Loh's GrabHitch driver several times but did not get a response. 

If you have any videos or photos of the incident, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

You may also reach Loh at (+65) 97627078.