Stomper accuses bus captain of running red light, SBS Transit says video shows light was amber

Submitted by Stomper Francis

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The video is the proof, but what do you see in the video?

Sharing a dashcam video of a bus crossing the junction of Tampines Avenue 2 and Tampines Street 23/32, Stomper Francis believes the SBS Transit bus captain broke the law.

"SBS bus service 9 ran the red light on Aug 25 at 7.32am at Tampines Avenue 2," alleged the Stomper.

"Nowadays, too many public bus drivers are driving recklessly and dangerously. Perhaps the bus companies should give the bus captains more time on their schedules during peak hours."

In the video, the cam car and a white van in the lane next to the bus stopped before the junction while the bus continued moving ahead as the light changed.

But did the bus captain really disobey the traffic light?

In response to a Stomp query, SBS Transit spokesman Grace Wu said: "Road safety is important to us and we take a serious view of the matter.

"Based on our CCTV footage, we note that the bus captain had crossed the junction on amber lights."

Do you agree with the Stomper or SBS Transit?