Bus driver forces Stomper to change lanes, then beats red light in Clementi

Submitted by Stomper Kenneth

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Update on March 9:

SBS Transit apologises to car driver after bus cuts into his lane and beats red light in Clementi

Original article:

A bus driver was caught on camera swerving into a motorist's lane and beating a red light in Clementi.

Stomper Kenneth shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred at the junction of Clementi Road and Commonwealth Avenue West on Saturday (Mar 4), at around 8.20pm.

The incident involved bus service 156, which is operated by SBS Transit.

In the video, the bus can be seen cutting into Kenneth's path, forcing him to switch lanes in order to avoid a collision. The bus then proceeds to beat the red light at a traffic junction.

Kenneth said: "I hope this SBS Transit driver can be more cautious when driving. He forced me to change lanes and even beat the red light.

"Furthermore, you can see from my video and photos that the traffic light had been red for some time.

"This is very dangerous to other road users and pedestrians."

Stomp has contacted SBS Transit for more info.

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