Stall owner irked to see rat scurrying above him at Fengshan food centre

Submitted by Stomper Ken

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Stomper Ken was concerned when he saw a rat scurrying on a pipe above him at Fengshan food market on Feb 25.

Ken, who is a stall owner at the market, said that this is not the first time he has seen a rat on the premises.

"They usually come out at night, around closing time or later," he said.

Being a place where food is handled, Ken worries about the potential problems the critters' presence entails.

"Firstly, they are not very clean and they run around everywhere," he said.

"They are known to steal food when no one is around or looking.

"My mum is concerned that another incident like when a rat fell into a pot of stew at Marina Square's Hotpot Culture."