Stall owner concerned after repeatedly seeing rats at Bedok hawker centre

Submitted by Stomper Alfi

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The sight of rats roaming freely at a hawker centre can ruin anyone’s appetite, but for a stall owner, this can spell a disaster. 

Stomper Alfi, who runs a stall in a hawker centre at Block 261 Bedok North Street 1, has seen a recurring rat infestation over the past few months. 

According to Alfi, he first noticed a rat caught in a trap near the food stalls on June 29.

On Aug 7, he noticed the carcass of a dead rat on the pavement.

The vermin seemed to keep surfacing.  

On Oct 5, he managed to take a video of a brazen rat sneaking into a stall after operating hours. 

Said Alfi:

“I first noticed them when I was preparing ingredients at night for the next day.

"It's been happening for a while, and the problem seems quite persistent.

"There would be three or four of them running around at night. 

"You can see droppings on the pipes and rooftop.

"I used to be in pest control so I can understand the danger of these pests.

"Just a single dropping can poison an entire pot of soup.

"Hope the authorities can do something about this."

Alfi himself has taken precautionary steps to prevent the rodents from invading his stall.

He revealed:

"I keep my stall clean so they won't be tempted.

"I also installed a glue trap, but so far, I've not caught anything."