S'porean couple says they were scammed at Genting Highlands casino after buying food for women posing as beggars

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May 16, 2023

A Singaporean couple claimed they were scammed at a casino in Genting Highlands recently after they bought food for two women posing as beggars. 

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Chen, 58, said she and her husband were in Genting on vacation earlier this month when they were approached by the pair.

"When my husband was waiting in line (at an eatery), two middle-aged women approached him and told him about how they had lost all their money at the casinos,” Chen said.

Describing how her husband is usually kind and generous, Chen said he bought the women dinner – costing RM16.50 (S$5.50) – at the restaurant.

"When my husband placed an order at the counter, one of them followed and ordered another Taiwanese sausage at RM9.80," she said, adding that the women also took away several bottles of mineral water.

"After the meal, the women told us not to tell anyone about them."

When the couple returned to Singapore, they came across a video of a scammer targeting tourists in Genting. Chen recognised the person as one of the women they had “helped”.

"Even though it's not a lot of money, I've been cheated (and) it has made me aggrieved," Chen said.


According to the New Straits Times, four foreign nationals were arrested in Genting Highlands on May 7 over alleged scam activities. 

The police said they were alerted to the issue through a video circulating on Facebook that showed the female suspects going around begging for money.

Speaking to the Malaysian news outlet, Superintendent Zaiham Mohd Kahar said the suspects were aged between 30 and 34 years old. They are alleged to have approached members of the public to coax and beg for money.

The suspects are being investigated under the Minor Offences Act, for begging in a public place when the individual is capable of earning a living, and may be fined up to RM100 or be imprisoned up to a month, or both.

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